Dining Experience

The Spring Meadow & The Village Dining Experience

At Spring Meadow & the Village, residents enjoy a large variety of options from our Everdine menu. Along with the Everdine menu that is always available, we offer a chef’s choice special for lunch and two specials for dinner. Our menu has GF located next to the many gluten free options that are available. This Everdine menu changes every six weeks.

The EverDine difference…  Choice in what you eat, when you eat, and where.



The Pointe Dining Experience

Familiar, warm, and homelike describes meal service at The Pointe of Grants Pass. Tables are invitingly set and residents are encouraged to assist with meal service as they may have done at home. Table linens and china are the norm and are brightly colored to enhance residents’ visual perception. Baking often occurs so food aromas enhance appetites and conjure memories of holidays and eating at home. Dietary options and finger foods are provided as needed and snacks and beverages are available for residents throughout the day.

At The Pointe of Grants Pass, dining is a focal point of the day, where life skills are enhanced and meal time is reminiscent of eating with family in a dignified, yet casual and friendly atmosphere.